9 Juicy Public Transit Numbers

Courtesy of Flickr user Carla216

As we’ve reported, California is considering a bill (AB 650, Blumenfield) which would convene a task force to determine how to find reliable funding for public transportation.  Conversations about where to find funds can seem daunting though, especially in today’s economic climate.  That’s why these nice, big, juicy numbers appear in the bill to keep us motivated and remind all of us why public transportation is such an important asset in California and throughout the U.S.:


  1. 47,500: The number of jobs created by each $1 billion invested in public transportation infrastructure.
  2. 1:6: The favorable ratio between dollars spent on public transportation and the local economic activity that those dollars generate.
  3. 17%: The increase in real estate value that San Diego residential properties experience when they are served by public transportation. (This is consistent with premiums for housing near transit documented around the country.)
  4. $29.5 billion: The amount of money that California currently saves because public transportation reduces our need to import oil into the state.
  5. 90%: The reduction in VOCs – a contributor to air pollution that harms public health– caused by using public transportation verses driving alone.
  6. 6500: The number of premature deaths cause by air pollution in California every year.
  7. 4800 pounds: The amount of CO2 reductions that a single person can make annually by taking public transportation instead of driving alone.   
  8. 540.8 million: The number of hours of traffic delay avoided because of public transportation use throughout the country.  The economic value of those time savings is $10.2 billion.
  9. 1:28: The steep difference between how safe you are riding a bus (measured in numbers of fatalities annually) or driving a personal vehicle.

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