Save the Date to “Ask Mindy” about Going Green in 2011!

The New Year is a time for healthy resolutions, including all those ways to improve our home, our fitness and our lifestyles.

And while more and more of us are interested in going green, we can be inundated with information that can feel as overwhelming as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

What we really need are practical answers. What plastics are safe to use? Should I be drinking from plastic water bottles? What about all those plastic forks, knives and spoons? Is it ever safe to use plastic in microwaves? And what are the risks to our health and for the environment of using unsafe chemically-derived products? 

Fortunately we can “Ask Mindy” Pennybacker for tips from her book  Do One Green Thing, Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices. Mindy writes a monthly “Ask Mindy” column for Whole Living magazine that helps guide consumers towards the most healthy and green choices when making purchases for the home or on the go.

On January 11, Mindy will join EDF’s Wade Crowfoot and Beth Trask for a moderated conversation sponsored by Whole Living magazine. Together with Debbie Raphael of the San Francisco Department of the Environment, we’ll explore practical ways to get toxic contaminants out of our daily lives. 

For a snapshot preview of areas that Mindy will cover, watch her interview with Martha Stewart here.

Let’s make 2011 the time to do those daily green things and urge our political representatives and corporations to support green initiatives, from removing toxic synthetic chemicals in the supply chain of major retailers to strengthening the California Green Chemistry Initiative.  Currently the U.S. government is lagging behind other nations in limiting or banning the use of BPA and other chemicals and even dragging its heels on listing chemicals of concern

Yet these chemicals of concern are all around us, in water bottles and food cans and in home care products. Watch this video and join the “I am not a guinea pig” campaign to demand chemical safety reform. Join us on Jan. 11 to learn more about which products to use and which ones to lose. 

Until Jan. 11, here are some easy tips from Mindy for detoxifying your New Year by doing “One Green Thing” in each area of your daily life. 

1.  Phase out sports bottles and kitchenware made with polycarbonate plastic, that often can be identified by the recycling code #7, which contains the toxic chemical Bisphenol-A.

2.  Choose green, botanically-derived household cleaning and personal care  products and discover which  ingredients  you should avoid, and why, to keep from polluting your indoor air and our waterways. Mindy will show how to mix some “do it yourself” (d.i.y.) versions.

3.  Avoid toys, apparel and home decorating products made with PVC vinyl, often identified by the recycling code #3, which can be contaminated with lead and phthalates, plasticizing chemicals that have been linked to obesity in human adults and reproductive deformities in infants and wildlife.

4.   Eat more organic and locally-grown produce and fewer meats and processed foods. It’s good for your waistline and you’ll reduce toxic pesticide exposures and unhealthy fats, preservatives and sugars. You can also choose low-mercury, sustainable fish using EDF’s handy seafood selector cards.

5.  Stop buying bottled water.  Eighty percent of disposable plastic bottles wind up in landfills and oceanic garbage patches.  Drink tap water, and get involved with EDF’s efforts to preserve major ecosystems by making water use more sustainable.   

Join us in ringing in a green New Year with sustainable snacks, wine and beer, and a free copy of the January Whole Living Magazine!  Mindy’s book will be available for purchase and signing, too! Or, you can buy the book ahead of time  and EDF will receive a percentage of the sale price to help fund our advocay work.

Date:  1/11/2011

Time:  5:30-7:30 p.m. 

Place:  EDF’s green L.E.E.D. certified San Francisco office

123 Mission Street, 28th floor San Francisco, CA 94105

RSVP:  by 1/7 to

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