More than 1,500 workplaces added to California’s green economy map

EDF has just completed a third major update to its California green economy mapping tool.

We added more than 1,500 businesses to the database’s multiple business categories, with most falling into a new ‘green practices’ category. These companies are certified under programs such as the San Francisco Green Business Program and many have won green awards. 

By adding this category, the map tells a more complete story. It highlights the workplaces that recognize the benefits of operating more sustainably. Benefits  include saving money, improving employee wellness and productivity and gaining competitive advantages.  

This free and searchable online resource now allows job seekers, businesses and policy makers to find information on more than 5,000 clean energy and sustainable workplaces in seven categories:

  • green buildings;
  • energy generation;
  • energy efficiency;
  • transportation;
  • academic/government/non-governmental;
  • carbon markets; and
  • green practices.

The expanded database reinforces prior findings that the public, private and non-profit entities that are helping California transition to a low-carbon economy are located all across California.  

The map shows that the largest clusters of businesses in the green economy are in metropolitan areas and along major transportation corridors.  According to the state energy commission, this economy consists of more than half a million jobs–a number that is bound to grow as California continues developing innovative clean solutions and putting in place  energy savings and renewable energy generation projects and regulations. 

Click here see the latest version of EDF’s online mapping tool of California’s green economy.

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