Introducing our new podcast: You Make Me Sick!

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Today we are launching the second episode of our podcast, You Make Me Sick! On this episode, we talked with Dr. Brett Finlay, author of “Let Them Eat Dirt”, about the fascinating world of microbes.

Dr. Finlay’s research focuses on how bacteria and other tiny microorganisms living in and on us might not be all bad. We caught up with him in New York City to learn about fecal transplants and asthma, and to get some new evidence in the never-ending dogs vs. cats debate. Click below to listen.


[EPISODE 1 – Impact of lead on the developing brain]

Working at EDF’s Health Program, we learn new and fascinating things about the science of environmental health every day. We decided these stories of how chemicals can affect our health are too interesting and important to keep to ourselves. In order to bring you the latest and greatest in scientific research around environmental health, EDF Health is proud to present our new podcast, You Make Me Sick, hosted by yours truly and Dr. Jennifer McPartland.

Over the next few months, this podcast, which will be released every few weeks, will bring you the latest research from experts in the field of environmental health. We will be sitting down with them to discuss where the science has been, is, and will be.

Our first interview was with Dr. Bruce Lanphear, a professor at Simon Fraser University with expertise in children’s environmental health. His research ranges from childhood exposures to pesticides, mercury, tobacco smoke and other chemicals of concern. In this episode, we sat down with him in the EDF Washington office to learn specifically about how lead exposure affects children.

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  1. MBHolt
    Posted February 3, 2017 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

    Excellent!!! Do it again! I’m an RN in lead poisoning prevention and will use this info. Learned some very interesting new things, ie: never thought abt gender differences r/t Pb before. Please keep working on these important issues. Thank you so much! Very engaging speaker – wish I could be in his class. Putting the statistics into perspective with how they actually impact our children/population really brings it home and makes one THINK. I’d very much like to read whatever related things he’s written, can you point me in the right direction please? Cumulative effects and environmental triggers makes perfect sense – not the whole answer of course but surely a major major piece. We truly need more thoughtful intelligent minds working and sharing on how to help us fix the woes we keep creating and multiplying for ourselves and our world. Say, Dr. Lanphear, how about running for President? Need to get your thinking into many more heads. Sincerely, Thank you again!