Nano Risk Management Training Workshops

Scott Walsh, MBA, is a Project Manager.

As we’ve noted in this blog and elsewhere, there’s a ton of uncertainty out there about what potential risks may arise from the production, use and disposal of engineered nanomaterials.  And unfortunately for companies trying to work with such materials (and the rest of us who may be exposed to them), there’s still not much guidance on how to identify, manage and mitigate potential risks.

On April 2nd and April 8th, Terry Medley and Keith Swain from DuPont and I will be leading two interactive workshops on nano risk management.  

We will explain to workshop participants the need for, and benefits of, nano-specific risk management.  We’ll also show how companies can use tools like the Nano Risk Framework that EDF and DuPont developed to assess, manage and communicate the potential risks of nanomaterials.

The workshops will discuss how to implement a sound management program; provide case studies of approaches in use by companies and governments; and offer sources of additional help for companies interested in adopting these approaches.

Register for the April 2nd workshop in San Francisco here or by contacting Lesley Fore at

Register for the Tuesday, April 8th workshop in Boston here.

Space is limited, so please register promptly!

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