Stating the Obvious: Nano Cosmetics Risk Assessment is Inadequate

Richard Denison, PhD, is a Senior Scientist.

Just after publishing my last post, I learned that the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products has released a new Scientific Opinion that concludes current risk assessment procedures and methods applied to cosmetics, in particular sunscreens, are insufficient.

The Committee also concludes that new methodologies to assess skin penetration are “urgently needed” and must extend beyond the conventional use of healthy, immobilized skin in current assays to assess penetration through damaged and flexed skin. It also calls for a re-evaluation of nano-sized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide used in sunscreens.

This Opinion was requested by the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate of the European Commission. Both its conclusions and the fact that it was requested in the first place stand in marked contrast to the present situation in the U.S., where the prevailing attitude seems to be closer to “Nothing to see here, folks. Move along….”

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