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The first step in a new industrial revolution: raising the bar for clean hubs


By Nichole Saunders

We’re at the threshold of a multi-billion dollar industrial decarbonization revolution that will usher in clean energy projects around the world. Unlike the industrial revolution of 100 years ago, imagine if this next one genuinely considered environmental and public good alongside economic objectives.

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New study shows huge variation in how different oil companies manage climate pollution – underscores need for more oversight

By Jon Goldstein and Ben Hmiel

For the last several years, researchers have been studying methane emissions in the Permian Basin (the nation’s largest oil field) to try and understand just how much climate pollution specific oil companies may be responsible for. A new study published this week from EDF and Carbon Mapper offers insights into how we answer that question.

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Rule #1 of deploying hydrogen: Electrify first

By Eriko Shrestha and Tianyi Sun  

There is extraordinary excitement today over zero and low carbon hydrogen. But can it live up to the silver-bullet hype? 

Case in point: Evidence indicates that in certain applications, green hydrogen made using wind or solar power could indeed yield a big climate benefit over fossil fuels. And in applications where other clean alternatives are lacking, it could be one of our best decarbonization tools.  

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The Inflation Reduction Act is a game-changer on methane. Here’s why.

By Edwin LaMair and Grace Smith

The US Congress recently passed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which takes bold action to address the climate crisis. Multiple independent analyses show the bill could reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 40% below 2005 levels by 2030, providing important support for President Biden’s goal of halving emissions by 2030.

Last week, the EPA requested public input on a key provision of the IRA — the Methane Emissions Reduction Program, MERP, — which works hand-in-hand with forthcoming EPA rules to cut methane from oil and gas operations through a fee on wasteful emissions.

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What DOE should consider as it makes decisions on Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Projects

By Jona Koka

Nearly $5 billion from the Department of Energy combined with the economic incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act represent the United States’ first major steps to building a domestic carbon management industry that supports our Paris commitments.

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4 ways manufacturers can support fleets on their road to electrification

Electric heavy-duty vehicles have come a long way in a pretty short time. Back in 2018, we were excited about prototype vehicles and trucks with 60-mile range. Today there are scores of truck models available at ever increasing ranges, clear market segments where these vehicles can thrive today, and ever-growing fleet interest in deploying these vehicles.

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