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Let’s Get Real

It sounds like our Texas Senators have been reading forged constituent letters from the coal industry more than they’ve been listening to what Texas citizens are really saying. In July, Senator Cornyn claimed that Texans “are growing concerned that they will be significantly impacted by higher energy and farm input costs.”  Meanwhile, Senator Hutchison seems to think that the bill passed by the House “disproportionately attacks energy-producing states like Texas.”  Well, that’s not what real Texans are thinking.

National and statewide polls tell the real story: Texans agree with the rest of the country on the need for strong federal action on climate Read More »

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Pay low costs for greenhouse gasses today or pay in human lives later

The United States Military is perhaps the most advanced scientific entity in the world, and can tout advances such as the internet, “smart” armor using nanotechnology and sophisticated “war game” computer simulations to develop strategic plans. 

The military has used scientific theories throughout history to ensure a strong sense of national security in a world filled with international upheaval.  They have used the theory of gravity to develop bullet trajectories and the science of aeronautics to land a man on the Moon.  So it should be some comfort to Texans that our Senators have historically deferred to the military on such issues as the preeminent experts in keeping our nation and resources secure.

All the more reason that it seems strange that Texas’ Senators Hutchison and Cornyn are trying to play political football with an issue that both our public and our nation’s best military minds see as a grave threat to our national security. 

We now know that the climate change and the national security threats arising from it have been a focus of National Defense University and military intelligence analysts for years.  They find that the costs of inaction will be serious, and not just in terms of direct impacts to our farmland and coastline.  Read More »

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