Introducing Deep Dives—EDF’s New Platform for In-Depth Scientific & Policy Analyses on Environmental Health

Deep Dives is a new blog that will offer our readers in-depth scientific analyses, hard data, and practical policy prescriptions from Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) top environmental health experts. Our authors are specialists in air quality, chemistry, epidemiology, law, public health, and more.

We will continue to offer information for broader audiences on EDF’s Safer Chemicals and Global Clean Air blogs, which will also announce the publication of all new Deep Dives posts and provide summaries and links to them. We encourage you to subscribe to and read these existing blogs, since we will continue to publish shorter (but no less important!) articles on those channels.

But we’re starting this new platform to provide “deep dive” information to policy makers and implementers, scientists, academics, and advocates who understand the importance of detailed subject-matter knowledge and who value proven expertise in environmental health and policy.

We know that’s a rare group because data show that only about 5% of web visitors read all the way to the end of any internet content, no matter its length. Content with nuance—and numbers—can feel anachronistic in the daily tsunami of digital information we are expected to consume.

But if you’re reading this, you are probably already in that 5%. You know that some information is worth the time and effort it takes to read and absorb it, and you want content that is deep, rich, and backed by both data and informed opinion.

We created Deep Dives for you.

Through cutting-edge research, wide-ranging partnerships, and a focus on strengthening laws and policies that protect health, we’re making air, water, food, and household products safer. Here, our experts will show you how by giving you the solid science and actionable policy recommendations you’ve come to expect from EDF.

We’ll make the time you spend on this blog worth the effort and ensure that you leave with new information and/or a new perspective worth considering. That’s a promise.

Now let’s dive in…..together.

Two scuba divers in silhouette

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