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New Poll Shows Americans are More Likely to Vote for Candidates Who Support Clean Energy Legislation

Yesterday NRDC Action Fund released a new poll showing, once again, that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of clean energy legislation. The NRDC Action Fund polled voters in 23 close Congressional races and found they were far more likely to vote for candidates who support clean energy legislation.

Heather Taylor-Miesle of NRDC explains:

“In fact, a majority of voters (almost 53% on average) in tight races around the country said they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports a climate bill.”

For a compelling and detailed analysis of the polling data, please read Heather’s blog.

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Why EDAF is running a TV ad criticizing Senator Kit Bond

Several weeks ago, Senator Kit Bond of Missouri moved to block new air pollution rules.  While Senator Bond’s effort did not succeed, it is clear that this is the beginning of a sustained assault on the air pollution rules that protect the health of all Americans.  We intend to hold accountable any politician who seeks to undermine those air pollution limits — whether they are targeting carbon, mercury, or any other dangerous compound — and therefore are releasing a new TV ad criticizing Senator Bond’s action.  All Members of Congress should be on notice that we will fight back against those who would threaten the health of children, the elderly, and all Americans by weakening our air pollution laws.

Senator Bond’s action would have allowed major corporations and utilities to continue releasing unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our air.  This threatens the stability of our climate, and rising temperatures have been linked to increases in asthma attacks and associated hospitalizations, as well as to other respiratory conditions.

We expect the assault on our nation’s air pollution laws to continue in the months ahead.  Senator Bond recently signed a letter criticizing limits for toxic pollution like mercury, cyanide, and dioxin from industrial sources (mercury puts newborns at risk for brain damage and learning disabilities). Some corporate polluters and their allies in Congress value short term profits ahead of public health and are pushing for additional restrictions on clean air rules.  While their side may have access to nearly limitless resources, we believe the American people will strongly oppose their efforts to dirty our air and threaten the health of our citizens.

While Senator Bond will soon be gone from Congress, this ad is also a message to any member of Congress — Democrat or Republican — thinking of weakening our clean air laws in the weeks and months ahead.

Senator Bond TV Ad

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