July 13th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

Sarasota Herald-Tribune“Put drilling ban on ballot”

By Heather Dunhill, columnist for Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“To be sure, drilling fever has subsided in the wake of the April 20 BP well blowout, which occurred in federal waters 50 miles off Louisiana. The oil disaster has fouled shores in the Gulf states; caused untold damage to the environment and the regional economy; and tarnished faith in the safety of offshore oil exploration.”

“A constitutional amendment against drilling has value. But leaders, lawmakers and voters must keep pushing for real alternatives to oil.”

Louisiana Weekly“Demand a new energy policy and climate bill”

By Madeline Ostrander

“Today, the destructive effects of our fossil fuel economy on our coasts and rivers have never been clearer.”

“Most Americans can recite the reasons why we need to move away from the fossil fuel economy — climate change, dwindling supplies of easy-to-access oil, dependence on foreign sources of energy — but much of the damage caused by our fossil-fuel addiction is hidden from view.”

The Voices of a New Clean Energy Future is a series from individuals who understand the importance of passing comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation – business leaders, politicians, policy experts, and concerned citizens like you. EDF is proud to highlight their voices and contributions to the climate and energy debate.

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