“Dirty Air Act” – Worse than Nothing

Wouldn’t it be great if members of congress would follow a Hippocratic Oath for legislators – first, don’t pass bad laws? The Gulf Coast oil disaster proves once again that our over-dependence on fossil fuels comes with a huge human and environmental price. The best way to unleash our clean energy future and transition off oil and other fossil fuels is to cut America’s carbon dioxide pollution.

Unfortunately, some in Congress don’t seem to get it. Instead of supporting a strong climate and energy bill, the Senate is considering a resolution sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) that would set new restrictions on EPA’s ability to cut pollution. This is worse than doing nothing and would take away an important tool in promoting a declining cap on America’s global warming pollution and unleash our clean energy future.

Please take action now to urge your Senators to oppose the misguided Murkowski bill.

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