An Extensive Showing of Support for the American Power Act

Today the American Power Act, the comprehensive climate and clean energy bill, was released to the public and if the broadly attended press conference and the blogosphere can be any indications, the reception has been decidedly positive.

Joining Senators Kerry and Lieberman at the press conference this afternoon were leaders from the manufacturing and utilities sectors as well as from the faith, military and environmental communities.

Duke Energy, Dow Corning, Honeywell, the Edison Electric Institute, A123 Systems, Northland Ministries, Environmental Defense Fund and National Wildlife Federation are just a few of the heavy hitters who came out to support the American Power Act.

The Environmental Defense Fund also released a statement of support for the American Power Act where President Fred Krupp explained that the Senators’ plan:

“has the support of the key stakeholders because it strikes a balance…They’re offering more domestic energy production with environmental safeguards, strong environmental goals for the climate with more flexibility, and better economic protections.”

Read what others are saying:

On E2, President Obama enthusiastically applauded the American Power Act.

“This legislation will put America on the path to a clean energy economy that will create American jobs building the solar panels, wind blades and the car batteries of the future,” Obama said.

Also on E2, Senator Nelson of Florida commends Kerry and Lieberman for their effort on the American Power Act.

“I’m glad the climate bill includes my proposal for a moratorium on any new drilling, until we know what happened aboard the Deepwater Horizon,” he said in a statement. “Also, they had their eye on expanding drilling into new areas of the Gulf of Mexico near Florida, and I told them to stay out of it. And I’m glad they listened.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada also chimes in on E2 with his support of the process.

“I applaud the efforts of Senators Kerry and Lieberman to develop a proposal that deserves careful consideration by all Senators and the public.  The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates the urgent need to free our nation from its heavy dependence on oil and to create new clean energy industries and technologies. All Americans would benefit from a comprehensive national energy plan that creates millions of clean energy jobs, improves our national security and reduces pollution. Already in Nevada, we have seen how critical investments in solar, geothermal and wind energy, as well as energy efficiency, creates reliable jobs that can never be outsourced and diversifies our state’s economy.

The Wonk Room provides a comprehensive break-down of the comprehensive climate bill which details how:

“The Kerry-Lieberman legislation has a 15-year transition period that supports state-level renewable and energy efficiency initiatives (which will create millions of jobs), invests in smart transportation, and rebuilds American manufacturing,much like Waxman-Markey, but with new support for nuclear energy and natural gas that reflects the interests of large blocs of senators.”

Climate Progress explains how the American Power Act will benefit Americans by creating jobs, cleaning up vehicles, cutting pollution among others.

“It is truly an “all of the above” bill that would reduce oil use, cut carbon pollution, invest in efficiency, and clean energy technologies that create jobs and protect consumers’ wallets. “

The New Republic acknowledges the bill as a compromise but still casts the America Power Act as an imperative first step forward.

“Once even a modest price on CO2 is in place, companies will start finding ways to save energy and cut emissions and find that it’s remarkably cheap and easy to do so.”

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