Climate Video Action Week: Start Your Camera!

Cameras are standard on most cell phones, which has led to a surge in goofy videos of things like co-workers dozing off.  But for one week in March, your camera phone can serve a higher purpose — stopping climate change.

Be a part of Environmental Defense Action Fund’s Climate Video Action Week, a video campaign to connect you directly to your Senators. To participate, create a 30-second video explaining why you want a strong climate bill with a real cap on carbon  — now.

During the first week of March, we’ll send the videos to your Senators, and we’ll also feature the best ones in our next online ad campaign.

My colleague, Erin, explains more in the video below.

Please spread the word and re-post this video for your friends to see! And again, here’s where to get the full details of the video action week.

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