As the Chamber Turns: Update on U.S. Chamber vs. Climate Science

The Chamber of Commerce story is all over the media again today, which means we get to keep using the phrase “Scopes monkey trial” almost a century after it should have been old news.

In yesterday’s blog post we told you about Apple “resigning .. effective immediately” from the Chamber because of the Chamber’s position on global warming policy. Apple became the fifth big company to leave either the Chamber or its board of directors because of inflammatory comments about the underlying truth of climate science (the others are Exelon, PG&E, PNM and Nike).

Apple’s departure touched off a slew of articles and editorials around the country, all pointing out that the Chamber has gotten itself into a public relations hole — and most suggesting that it follow the advice of the old proverb and stop digging.

Here’s a sample of the reactions:

And the winner in the pop-culture reference department is Marc Gunther, writing for the Energy Collective, who compares the Chamber to David Letterman, because the have both “really, really embarrassed themselves.”

But the Chamber is apparently not interested in the above advice. Instead, it is digging in and has launched counterattacks against Apple and some of its other critics, including the Boston Globe.

Chamber CEO Tom Donohue told reporters, including Politico‘s Lisa Lerer today:

The only regrets we have is that we maybe have not always used the right language. We don’t have regrets about our position and we don’t intend to change it.

Donohue blamed the resignations on an “orchestrated pressure campaign” by environmental groups. He also said:

What we decided to do is we’re going to let the scientists argue the science.

Of course, the scientists aren’t actually arguing anything. The vast majority of scientists long ago determined that climate change is real, and is a really big threat to us all. But it is generous of Donohue to cede the world of science to the scientists, I suppose.

On a related note, Environmental Defense Action Fund has decided to join the ranks of the vast green-wing conspiracy that Donohue blames for his problems. Check out these new ads that we’re running with our friends at NRDC.

Donohue would no doubt see this as part of an “orchestrated pressure campaign.” But much as we’d like to take credit for making five huge corporations leave an organization whose goal is to re-enact one of the most infamous trials in history — as the losing party, no less — we do have to point out that our ads are brand new, so those corporations quit the board all by themselves.

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