The Point of the Bill is to Stop Global Warming


“The point of this bill is to make fossil fuels more expensive … (the American Clean Energy and Security Act) Will only cause more economic hardship for farmers and small businesses.” – Rep. Glenn Thompson, Jr. (R, PA-5), 6/26/09


Rep. Thompson doesn’t get it. The point of this bill is to curb carbon pollution, not unjustly penalize those that have carbon intensive industries.

Why else would companies whose bread and butter depend on fossil fuels support this bill? Small businesses support this legislation.

The ACES Act will help many small businesses, not hurt them. Thousands of companies are already working in renewable energy or energy efficiency sectors around the country, and this bill will create demand — and customers¬†— for their products.

Manufacturers will also benefit. For instance, one wind turbine needs 8,000 separate parts, from ball bearings to wires to blades. We already have factories getting refitted to make these parts.

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  1. Posted July 1, 2009 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    Rep. Thompson does get it, and you are only ignoring his wisdom.
    Again, it is obvious you are slanted toward liberalism more than you are for this economy.
    It shows because not one of your mocking statements has been directed toward a democrat, only toward Republicans!
    This bill is indeed designed exactly to penalize those who do not take part in it.
    As time moves forward we are definitely going to hear about these organizations being forced to fall so those who follow the bill are made fat.