Global sea ice levels same as 1979


“Since September, however, the increase in sea ice has been the fastest change, either up or down, since 1979, when satellite record-keeping began. According to the University of Illinois’ Arctic Climate Research Center, global sea ice levels now equal those of 1979.”

Washington Post Columnist George Will, February 15, 2009.


The University of Illinois’ Arctic Climate Research Center responds:

“We do not know where George Will is getting his information, but our data shows that on February 15, 1979, global sea ice area was 16.79 million sq. km and on February 15, 2009, global sea ice area was 15.45 million sq. km. Therefore, global sea ice levels are 1.34 million sq. km less in February 2009 than in February 1979. This decrease in sea ice area is roughly equal to the area of Texas, California, and Oklahoma combined.

“It is disturbing that the Washington Post would publish such information without first checking the facts.”

Talking Points Memo, Muckraker

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