Links: Ignoring the Benefits and 10 Things to Keep in Mind

Matthew Yglesias over at ThinkProgress took the one of my favorite points — that when you look at the cost of capping carbon, you also have to look at what you get for your money — and made a nice analogy:

This seems like an important point! If I added up the ruinous costs of auto ownership—thousands of dollars in up front costs, fuel costs, repairs, insurance, etc.—but forgot to mention that you get to drive your car around it would seem baffling that anyone buys one. The same principle applies to carbon pricing.

Here’s the whole post.

And in case you missed the piece by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, he looks at 10 key things to keep in mind about a cap on carbon. It’s a nice clear explanation (and I’m not just saying that because he quoted me!).

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