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Chart and Context: Emissions Reductions Called for by USCAP

Photo of Tony KreindlerThere’s been a lot of buzz lately about the U.S. Climate Action Partnership and its new blueprint for a cap on global warming pollution. Last week, the diverse group of environmental nonprofits and leading companies from every sector of the U.S. economy unveiled a detailed plan for legislation — the consensus product of two years of intense analysis and debate.

As a consensus document, it won’t satisfy everyone’s design for the perfect climate bill. Instead, it bridges the gap on the most important issues in the legislative debate, giving members of Congress clear guidelines for legislation that are environmentally effective, economically smart, and politically achievable.

It’s an attempt to find the “sweet spot” that can move the U.S. forward on climate change, in real, practical terms, toward a strong domestic emissions cap that reduces pollution at home and enables the U.S. to lead an effective global emissions reduction effort. Read More »

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Companies and Environmental Groups Announce Blueprint for Climate Legislation

Photo of Tony Kreindler Key players are getting right to work to move strong global warming legislation through Congress. This morning, an impressive lineup of CEOs and environmental leaders announced a consensus blueprint for U.S. climate policy. It’s built around a cap on the pollution that causes global warming. See details on the USCAP site.

And right afterward, Congressman Henry Waxman, the new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is convening the first major climate hearing of the year. You can follow the hearing on the committee’s site.

The Washington Post describes the announcement in a detailed story. We’ll add links to other noteworthy stories as they come in.

Update – More news stories:

From The Hill: “Waxman to push global warming bill
From the AP: “Waxman promises quick action on climate

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