A Debate About Our Video Competition

Gernot Wagner's profileA few weeks ago we posted about our video design competition – $10,000 to the winner  – for depicting how a cap on greenhouse gases can solve our addiction to oil. Joe Romm on Climate Progress had a problem with this – said we were asking the impossible since a cap wouldn’t do this.

I responded to Romm’s objection on the Environmental Economics blog with a post titled “Bizarre”? No. Tough? Yes. But that wasn’t the end of it. Romm fired back, accusing EDF of “magical thinking”. Our exchange is also cross-posted on Grist (Romm’s first post, my response, Romm’s answer).

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting a response to Romm’s second post this week.

This post is by Gernot Wagner, Ph.D., an economist in the Climate and Air program at Environmental Defense Fund.

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