Cow Manure and Pretty Pictures

Sheryl CanterThis post is by Sheryl Canter, an Online Writer and Editorial Manager at the Environmental Defense Fund.

PG&E Gets Energy From Cow ManureBioEnergy Solutions has a long-term contract to deliver 3 billion cubic feet per year of pipeline-quality, renewable natural gas to Pacific Gas and Electric – a first in California. The gas is produced from dairy cow manure. Energy Trust in Oregon is working on a similar project.

Framably Pretty Green Living Tips – There are dozens of small things you can do to reduce your carbon foot, and they add up to make a difference. But how do you remember them all? You could tape an ugly old list to the wall (which you’d never look at), or you can print out this colorful diagram. Gristmill describes it as "a Cliff Notes version of climate-friendly lifestyle choices."

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