Landmark Vote Sets Stage for Global Warming Action

This post is by Elizabeth Thompson, Legislative Director at Environmental Defense.

Climate Vote 2007

Part of a series on the work of the Environmental Defense Action Fund to enact an effective climate law. You can help by writing to Congress.

November 1, 2007, may go down as America’s D-Day in the fight to avert the global warming crisis. A key Senate subcommittee just passed the Lieberman-Warner America’s Climate Security Act (S.2191) – a bipartisan bill to cap and reduce America’s global warming pollution.

The full Environment & Public Works Committee is expected to take up the legislation the week of November 12, so it could come to a vote by the end of the month. With this bill we have a real chance of passing a mandatory cap on emissions in this Congress!

The bipartisan support for America’s Climate Security Act gives it a strong chance of passage – the best chance of any bill we’ve seen so far. We’re working around the clock to make sure the Senate and eventually the House seize this opportunity to pass meaningful legislation to stop global warming.

Thanks so much to the tens of thousands of activists who are supporting our work. We’ll keep you posted on new developments.

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