Our Message to the White House Major Emitters Meeting

The author of today’s post, Keith Gaby, is Communications Director of the climate campaign at Environmental Defense.

Today the White House is hosting a meeting of 15 nations with some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world. They have gathered together to discuss solutions to climate change. The President of Environmental Defense, Fred Krupp, is among a small number of outside speakers who will address the delegates. He decided to attend the conference because – with all those world leaders gathered in one place (not to mention Bush Administration officials) – it’s a chance to push for real action. The White House, which so far has opposed mandatory action on climate change, might not want to hear it, but Fred’s message will be simple and direct:

"A big challenge like global warming requires action and leadership from the United States. And everyone in this room knows what few have been willing to say aloud: No caps, no real progress. The world cannot sufficiently address the climate challenge until the U.S. embraces binding short- and long-range declining caps – determined by what the scientists say is necessary."

You can read Fred’s full statement on our Web site.

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