Signs of Global Warming

In reading the news this week, I was struck by how many reports there were from around the world of problems related to global warming. Here’s what I found:

Warming poses threat to Chesapeake
Washington Post, July 20, 2007

China says climate change drying up major rivers
Yahoo! News – Reuters, July 16, 2007

Warming may bring hurricanes to Mediterranean
Yahoo! News – Reuters, July 16, 2007

Glacier in retreat
New York Times, July 17, 2007

Climate change threatens Italy’s Po River delta
Yahoo! News – AFP, July 17, 2007

I also came across an interesting article in the Washington Post about by a guy who went around the world visiting places affected by global warming. The descriptions are, um, chilling.

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    The study found that global warming since 1985 has been caused neither by an increase in solar radiation nor by a decrease in the flux of galactic cosmic rays. Some researchers had also suggested that the latter might influence global warming because the rays trigger cloud formation. I am write a blog which gave complete information about Global Warming.

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    A decade or so ago, I didn’t experience the kind of publicity global warming is getting nowadays. Then, it was mostly about El Nino and La Nina. But the news were pretty much the same and they were also about changes in the environment, although the warming being discussed was about the waters of the oceans which led to, among other things, red tide phenomenon, resulting in toxic seafood products. I wasn’t really thinking that the Earth was heading into a warming period then, although I did feel the heat. Gone were the times when I’d get up early in the morning and I’d see my own breath in front of me. These days, even Christmas time is hot, even for a tropical country.

    The following is an interesting link from TheNewsRoom on how Los Angeles is getting hotter as reported by Environment California.

    There’s more of this kind of news you can use in TheNewsRoom, which enjoins everyone to help promote awareness on global warming. Email to see how you can participate.

    – Alvin from TheScienceDesk at

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    Let’s also not forget that whether global warming is caused by too much greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or cyclical climate change, it will still be good for us to clean up our act by considering the repercussions to the environment whenever we make something that can potentially affect it one way or another. The automobile, for instance, was invented to provide a practical means of transportation, but no second though was given to the noxious fumes it released.

    But here’s some good news on how Dupont is willing to spend $66 milion to cut pollution at 4 U.S. plants:

    – Alvin from TheScienceDesk at