Are you going to the LiveEarth concert?

Tomorrow’s Live Earth concert is expected to be quite the happening. Do you think it will help the fight against climate change? Are you planning to go? If you do go, post your experiences here!

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  1. K.C. Weber
    Posted July 6, 2007 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sheryl and Dr. Chameides,

    I’m just curious, and this goes back to comments I made about carbon offsets sometime back, and the need for people to do in their private lives what they are talking about in their public lives:

    How are all the people getting to these events, and how much fuel will be used to get them there? How many private jets? How many SUV’s?

    How are the events going to be powered? Electricity? How is the power being produced? If there is no power being provided at the location, how many generators are being used and how much gas is being used to run them?

    What are they going to do with all the trash that is accumulated after the events? How much of it is going to be recycled? How much is going to landfills?

    Are the events themselves going to be good for the environment, or are they going to be hurting the environment? And how many carbon offsets are going to have to be used to offset these events?

    In getting to these events, in running, attending, and leaving these events, how many people are going to be practicing what they preach?

    Just curious.

    K.C. Weber

  2. Posted July 7, 2007 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    Local, city, county, state and the federal governments should be first to “go green.” Politicians should not be elected to public office unless they agree to convert every government building and vehicle to renewable energy. There are at least three reasons why this should be so.

    When all levels of government are taken into account, they control 40% of the economy. With that kind of economic incentive anyone who wants to sell to the government will hasten to meet the demands of its largest single buyer. Government will no longer have to pass laws to enforce cafe standards for instance. Rather the Government will simply tell auto companies, we want to replace our fleet of vehicles but will not buy anything that does get at least 50 mpg if it is gasoline based, or it must be a hybrid, or it must be fueled with renewable fuels.

    Another reason Government should go green first is national security. Part of every oil dollar paid for Middle Eastern oil goes directly into the pocket of terrorists. If we convert to renewable fuels that we control, we defund terrorism and protect ourselves simultaneously.

    Yet another reason to heed Al Gore’s clarion call on global warming is economic security. OPEC can not ruin our economy if we convert to renewable fuels that we control.

    And finally, suppose Gore is right? When anyone hypes anything as much as AL Gore hypes global warming, I have my doubts. But I can’t see what is harmed by going green so why not? The military is doing some research on alternative and renewable energy. Whoever is the next president of the United States should institute a “Go Green or Go Home” policy for the military. Those who come up with energy saving devices or methods as well as those who implement alternative or renewable fuels should rise quickly through the ranks. Those who don’t should be encouraged to seek employment elsewhere. As resourceful as marines are, for instance, I would bet they could make surprising advances in fueling everything from jeeps to an entire base through alternative means if left to their own devices. The military has through it’s contractors developed the most effective weapons in the world. If this same level of effort is turned toward greening the military we will be a safer, more secure, and more independent nation. We will create new jobs and industries and the air and water will get cleaner as a benefit.

  3. Posted July 7, 2007 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    No, I’m not going to a concert for mass hysyteria.

    And this is why:

  4. K.C. Weber
    Posted July 8, 2007 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    I think it is worth watching opposing views as the one (actually several in this series) above. If one does any research at all, it is clear there is NOT a common view among all scientists. Many disagree that man is causing global warming. One of many sites I found of opposing views is:

    Like I said, it is just one of many. It is not good to get caught up in the many frenzies that people get caugt up in. It is good to do your own research without depending on others to tell you what to think. That way, you are more apt to take proper action in a situation, not just follow a certain crowd.

    Also, people of this site have flat out told me I am wrong in my viewpoint, including Dr. Chameides himself. And I may not be completely correct in everything I think. But, I do not just follow the crowd. I am thinking for myself based on my own research and knowledge.

    K.C. Weber

  5. Posted July 8, 2007 at 8:10 pm | Permalink

    Dear K.C. Weber,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to, or don’t have the skill necessary to interpret the scientific date. Therefore, they rely on “experts.” However, the “experts” are not in agreement either. It’s just that those who say “The sky is falling!” are screaming much louder, and getting much more attention that those who say “no, it isn’t.”

    In establishing credibility, we also need to examine motives. I think the BBC documentary referenced above does a nice job.

    Here is another site I found to be interesting:

  6. Enrique
    Posted July 8, 2007 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t go to the concerts but I watched them.
    It is a good way for a new counciousness to spread. I liked the practicality of the ads between the different bands around the world.
    Like change 4 lights bulbs to CFL’S.

    Hi Bill. I saw you at the CBS NEWS.

    Another coal plant is on hold in Taylor County, Florida.

  7. Posted July 10, 2007 at 11:17 am | Permalink


    It was quite an event with lots of good info as well as music – although I have to confess not all of it resonated with my 50+ year old sensibilities.

    And thanks for noticing me on CBS News. I never got to see the spots, hopefully I was reasonably coherent.