A tale of two public comment extension requests: How they fared under the Trump EPA

Richard Denison, Ph.D.is a Lead Senior Scientist.

In recent weeks EPA has issued for public comment significant modifications to its draft risk evaluations under the Toxic Substances Control Act for two chemicals:  Pigment Violet 29 (PV29) and 1,4-dioxane.  Because EPA initially provided relatively brief comment periods on the modifications, both were subject to requests for extensions of the comment period.

The table below tells the story of how these two requests fared under the Trump EPA. 

Initial comment period30 days20 days
RequestorChemical industryState/local water agencies; environmental NGOs
Granted or deniedGrantedDenied
# of days before end of comment period decision was made12 days1 day
Length of extension
(if any)
20 days0 days
Total comment period after extension (if any)50 days20 days
Means of communicating the decision used by EPAEmail to listserv; press release; posted on websiteIndividual phone calls to requestors; no written communication
Main direction of findings in draft document open for commentFound unreasonable riskDid not find unreasonable risk


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