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How can we grow more food while protecting our climate?

2020 goal: Make fertilizer pollution obsolete

On February 12, 2015 EDF hosted the first event in our Strategic Plan Webinar series; a discussion  about EDF’s work with Walmart and other major retailers to drive improved fertilizer practices on at least half of U.S. corn acreage.  The conversation featured:

 David Festa, VP, West Coast & Ecosystems

Jenny Ahlen, Manager, Supply Chain

Suzy Friedman, Director, Agriculture Sustainability

You can hear a replay of the audio as well as download the accompanying visual presentation here:

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EDF Partnering with Farmers to Green Working Lands

Dan Grossman Regional Director, EDF Rocky Mountain Office
David Festa Vice President – Land, Water, Wildlife
Suzy Friedman Deputy Director, Center for Conservation Incentives – Land, Water, Wildlife
Tracy Blackmer, Director of Research, Iowa Soybean Association
Denny Friest, Iowa Farmer

The invention of synthetic fertilizer in the early 20th century transformed the way the world feeds itself. But this life-giving revolution in agricultural productivity has become too much of a good thing. Excess fertilizer not absorbed by crops runs off farm fields and pollutes our rivers, contaminates our drinking water and creates oxygen-deprived “dead zones” in oceans and bays.

EDF is working with farmers and the Iowa Soybean Association to slash pollution in key waterways. What are EDF’s science-based strategies for cleaning our waters, boosting farmers’ income and maintaining agricultural yield?

Find out directly from a farmer why he and thousands of other farmers, normally wary of environmental groups, are embracing this work with open arms.

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