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China’s cap-and-trade announcement: What happens next?

China’s landmark commitment last Friday to launch a national cap-and-trade program in 2017 changes everything on the climate front, promising to drive down carbon pollution — and possibly inspiring other nations to take more ambitious steps so they are not left behind as the world accelerates towards a clean energy future.

EDF’s China team has been laying the groundwork for this climate breakthrough for 25 years — but much work remains to bring China’s program to fruition in the next two years. Click below to hear a discussion about what happens next.

Fred Krupp, President, EDF
Paula Hayes, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Initiatives, EDF
Dan Dudek, Vice President, EDF

This teleconference call was recorded Friday, Oct. 2, 2015.

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Telephone Town Hall on the State of the Union and what it means for the environment

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, in our first ever Telephone Town Hall, EDF President Fred Krupp and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy discussed President Obama’s January 2014 State of the Union address and what it means for the environment. Fred and Administrator McCarthy took questions from EDF members in real time.

Elizabeth Thompson, EDF Vice President of US Climate and Political Affairs

Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator
Fred Krupp, EDF President

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EDF-led partnership plays major role in clean air win for New Yorkers

Fred Krupp, EDF President
Andy Darrell, NY Regional Director & Chief of Strategy, US Climate & Energy

New Yorkers are breathing a whole lot easier because of the NYC Clean Heat program Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) co-sponsored with the Mayor’s Office. Mayor Bloomberg announced on Thursday that concentrations of sulfur pollution have been slashed by 69 percent over the last five years.

Hear how this dramatic change came about and how we can replicate it elsewhere.

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EDF teleconference on major White House climate policy announcement

Fred Krupp, President, EDF
Diane Regas, Senior Vice President for Programs, EDF
Vickie Patton, General Counsel, EDF
Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President for U.S. Climate and Political Affairs, EDF President, Environmental Defense Action Fund (EDAF)

President Obama made an historic climate policy announcement in a speech at Georgetown University on June 25th. Join us to discuss what it means for carbon pollution rules and energy policy.

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2012 post-election analysis

David Gergen, Senior Political Analyst, CNN
Fred Krupp, President, EDF
Elizabeth Thompson, President, EDAF

No matter the outcome of November 6, EDF & EDAF stands ready to find a
bipartisan path for advancing environmental solutions. Please join CNN Senior
Political Analyst David Gergen and EDF & EDAF leadership for a conversation
about the outcomes of the key races and what this means for an EDF & EDAF
environmental strategy.

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Can Natural Gas Be a Bridge to the Low-Carbon Future?

Fred Krupp, President
Mark Brownstein, Chief Counsel, Energy Program

Natural gas production is at a crossroads. Abundant, newly accessible reserves make natural gas an affordable, low-carbon alternative to coal. Yet current production practices are under fire for compromising our water, air, and land. Environmental Defense Fund is looking for common-sense solutions that protect public health and the environment.

EDF president Fred Krupp — who recently helped shape natural gas policy recommendations as a member of The Department of Energy’s Natural Gas Subcommittee — and EDF chief counsel Mark Brownstein discuss the future of this controversial resource.

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