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The clean energy future is near: The transformation of our electricity system

Energy production and use account for 40% of America’s greenhouse gas emissions. Explore how EDF is helping to transform the U.S. electricity system by rewriting outdated regulations, spurring energy services markets, and modernizing our century-old electric grid—and beginning work in Europe, too. Our 2018 goal: Lock in an 8–13% reduction in overall U.S. carbon dioxide emissions below 2005 levels.

Cheryl Roberto, Associate VP, Clean Energy
Andy Darrell, Chief of Strategy, U.S. Climate & Energy

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This Webinar was recorded on March 4, 2015 at the EDF New York Office.

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EDF-led partnership plays major role in clean air win for New Yorkers

Fred Krupp, EDF President
Andy Darrell, NY Regional Director & Chief of Strategy, US Climate & Energy

New Yorkers are breathing a whole lot easier because of the NYC Clean Heat program Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) co-sponsored with the Mayor’s Office. Mayor Bloomberg announced on Thursday that concentrations of sulfur pollution have been slashed by 69 percent over the last five years.

Hear how this dramatic change came about and how we can replicate it elsewhere.

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Conference Call: Congestion Pricing Is Moving Faster Than Traffic Through Midtown!

In less than one year, congestion pricing in New York City has moved from public policy theory to near-reality, thanks to the determined advocacy of Environmental Defense Fund and our partners in the Campaign for New York’s Future.

This call was held on Friday, April 11, 2008 at 1:00 PM Eastern.


David Yarnold, Executive Director
Andy Darrell, Vice President, Living Cities

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Conference Call: Greening the Apple

The Plan for a Sustainable New York City

On Earth Day, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced an ambitious and innovative environmental vision for the future of New York City. In this call, we’ll discuss our partnership with the Mayor to take bold action on the environment.


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Andy Darrell Talks Pollution, Health and Cars on ABCNEWS Radio

Pollution emitted from cars, trucks and buses is linked to asthma, lung and heart disease, and cancer.Our new report, All Choked Up: Heavy Traffic, Dirty Air and the Risk to New Yorkers [PDF], describes the recent science showing that these risks increase as you get closer to congested roadways.

Andy Darrell, director of Environmental Defense’s Living Cities program, discussed the report on ABCNEWS radio yesterday.

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