ELECTION 2016: What it means for the environment

The unusual and unpredictable 2016 election is finally over. What will the new President and Congress mean for the future of our planet? Click the link below for an analysis of the vote from EDF senior staff joined by Republican and Democratic insiders —and a discussion about where we go from here.


  • Fred Krupp, President, EDF
  • Elizabeth B. Thompson, EDF vice president, U.S. Climate & Political Affairs and EDF Action president
  • Adrian Gray, Republican consultant and former strategist for the George W. Bush administration and Republican National Committee
  • JB Poersch, Democratic consultant and former executive director of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

This call was recorded on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 11:30 AM Eastern

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    ELECTION 2016: What it means for the environment

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