Global Warming Legislation: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund
Steve Cochran, Director, National Climate Campaign

With your help, we passed climate legislation through the House. Just one more hurdle in the Senate and the bill will be on the President’s desk. But it’s a steep hurdle.

We are up against formidable forces: industry opponents who already have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank; an economy that makes everyone anxious and pushes the environment down the agenda; and right-wing media demagogues who are using climate legislation to gin up ugly populist anger.

We must win this fight. We have a window of opportunity, but the window will not stay open much longer. That is why the environmental community has agreed to come together in an unprecedented effort, reorganizing and mobilizing ourselves into one streamlined, turbo-charged campaign with only one goal: to get climate legislation passed.

Listen to our discussion on the challenges and opportunities we face in the coming weeks.

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