Connect the Dots: Oil in the Gulf and Floods in Tennessee

I went to Franklin, Tennessee for a visit that was supposed to end last Saturday, but I was marooned by flooding from the unprecedented deluge that pummeled this part of the country over the weekend. We got more than 15 inches in two days—a record high. The rain came stunningly fast and furious, buckets of water pouring down from the heavens. Within hours, dry creek beds became raging rivers. As a friend and I were driving from downtown Nashville at the start of the storm, it began to dawn on us that things were much worse than the prediction of “severe thunderstorms” might indicate.

Will we learn from the terrible disaster in the Gulf?

Winds were gusting wildly, trees were toppling across roads, water was spilling over banks, asphalt was crumbling, and cars around us were stalled. We got to a dip in one street and saw a woman pacing back and forth, her hands folded in prayer in front of her face. A man just ahead of us had been told not to drive through the water spilling across the road, she said, but he had ignored the warning. “His car washed away. He’s hangin’ in the top of a tree, hangin’ on for dear life,” she said. “Pray for him. Please.”

I don’t know if he was rescued, or if he became one of the 24 people who died in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi when rivers flashed through towns, washed away cars, houses and commercial buildings, and buckled bridges. When I wasn’t watching the downpour or warily eying the creek behind my friends’ house, I was following the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. Within a week, what had been described by BP as a containable spill coming from the sinking Deepwater Horizon rig had become three “leaks”—a maddening description.

May 4th satellite image of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Source: NASA

What’s going on cannot possibly be called a leak, nor can it be called a spill. Leaks are gradual and spills imply the emptying of a container. Instead, what we have are underwater geysers of oil that are spewing rust-colored crude; and there is no known end to the supply. As of Monday, BP estimated that 210,000 gallons a day—five times the company’s original projection—were spilling into the Gulf’s tricky, frigid waters. The oil slick on the surface covers more than 1,800 square miles and Interior Department officials are estimating it may take 90 days to stop the flow if BP has to drill a “relief” well to intersect and cap the out-of-control well.

The weather has not been cooperating with containment efforts, which were slow off the mark. As of Wednesday, BP said 100 miles of floating booms had been laid out to keep the oil from spreading, but they were severely compromised, and outright destroyed in places, by winds and waves. Eighty percent of the booms protecting Alabama’s coast are damaged. Meanwhile, crews are spraying tens of thousands of gallons of chemical dispersants onto the oil to break it up into droplets that can sink to the bottom. We can only guess what havoc this will wreak on the Gulf floor; the chemical dispersants are of “low toxicity”—in other words, some toxicity—and have never been used before in such large quantities. The only sure thing is that the damage won’t be visible to the public eye.

The harm will be more visible, and devastating, to the fishermen whose livelihoods depend on Gulf waters. They’ve been called off their boats at the start of the season for many valuable species of fish, while NOAA tests sea life for contamination. What’s heartbreaking is that these are the very fishermen who recently responded to depleted stocks by becoming leaders in adopting new systems to manage their catch, with EDF’s help. Red snapper, grouper and tilefish have been coming back—and the fishermen have benefited economically. The fishermen themselves have become stewards of the Gulf. Unfortunately, not everyone working in the Gulf has been as conscientious.

Gulf life cannot compete against an enormous oil spill. When the oil reaches the wetlands, it can coat, suffocate and kill the grasses whose web of roots holds the marshes in place. Then all that will be left is mud, which will simply sink into the seawater.  Marshes buffer the region from storm surges—unless the marshes are so depleted that they wash away. Normally, the marshlands would naturally replenish themselves with sediment that washes down the Mississippi River—except that sediment has been channeled away by levees built over the years to encourage sparse barge traffic. The costs of compromising these natural storm barriers became tragically evident during Hurricane Katrina. So today, barrier islands are sinking and disappearing into the Mississippi River Delta: nearly 25 square miles of critically important wetlands disappear every year.

EDF staff on the ground in Louisiana
to see the oil spill impact on the wetlands and local fishermen.

Sadly, the oil is gushing into the Gulf during peak nesting season: This area is prime breeding ground for countless sea turtles and birds such as the American oystercatcher, who lay their eggs in the sand. Millions of dollars, and countless years of work by EDF and other organizations have been poured, heart and soul, into restoring those vital but now imperiled coastal lands—for the sake of wildlife, and human life. Once again, we are reminded that we are dependent on one another. All that work may be washed away by gushing oil.

Meanwhile, in the peculiar ecosystem that is the political world of Washington DC, the fate of months of negotiations over a bipartisan clean energy/climate/jobs bill hangs in the balance. One of the central compromises made in the hope of the bill’s safe passage was the significant expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling. Now, that grand bargain is jeopardy.

May 5th photo of Nashville after the flood. Photo: Les DeFoor

What a strange and terrible confluence of events! I believe the disasters of this week will prove to be of profound significance. People in Tennessee are saying that they didn’t have a 100- year flood; they had a 250- year flood. What does that really mean?  Now that the flood has happened, it won’t happen again in their lifetimes? Is that wishful thinking?

Let’s remember that climate scientists predict that one effect of global warming will be more extreme weather patterns: sudden severe flooding in some areas, and intense droughts in others. In other words: global weirding. I have a feeling there’s worse to come. Nature is unpredictable, as we can see from the constantly changing direction of the Gulf gusher.

It is way past time to connect the dots. Responsible climate scientists have been unequivocal: the burning of fossil fuels has contributed significantly to global warming. And global warming is dangerous. Then take into consideration the significant degradation we have visited upon our earth in harvesting those fossil fuels, with sloppy, irresponsible, and perhaps even cynical greed.  The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the Gulf rig lacked a $500,000 remote control shut-off switch required by other major oil-producing nations as last-resort protection against underwater spills.

Humankind has been able to alter the course of something as unfathomably large as the climate. But we’re reminded, over and over again, that plain old weather can—and will—undo humankind.

Personal Nature
Take action! Tell the Senate we must transition to clean energy with a strong climate and energy bill.

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Comment from John-Christopher Ward
May 10th, 2010 at 3:48 pm

The barrier islands are not sinking into the Gulf, they are eroding away because of the thousands of miles of canals and pipelines trenches (that were never covered over to restore the marshes) dug to service the offshore oil industry. The damming of the Mississippi contributed by stopping the flow of silt and nutrients that replenished those wetlands, but the main damage has been the saltwater intrusion.

Comment from Tim Volm
May 10th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

It would seem that BP is trying to save there well, and not the environment.

They could detonate a few explosive devices and close the well, stopping the oil.

Instead they are trying to ‘cap’ it so they can still use it.

Perhaps the US military could come in and plug the well with a few strategically placed explosives?

Comment from Patsy
May 10th, 2010 at 11:41 pm

I agree with Tim Volm they are just protecting thier interests and not that of the greater good of mankind !! Wake up people or u won’t havce anything to wake up to soon !! Go Green and think lean ; No meat !!

Comment from Jayma Gates Bettcher
May 11th, 2010 at 9:15 am

I posted the following (below a bit) in a CNN Blog over a week ago, and was called a “…dumb a$$” by one poster. Being an environmentalist and trying to “warn” people about what we were and are doing to the planet – for the past 50 years – has caused me to be called worse by better, but lot’s of demeaning and cruel things. I have been laughed out of local meetings – just back in the early 2000s – when I tied to ask if there has been planning for Climate Change with regards to our aquifer – down in the valley. (It has already had to deal with MTBE poisoning, and they are trying to say the water is safe, and has been for the past 6 plus years, but I WON’T DRINK IT!!!) I got a house up almost on the top of one of the sides of the valley! Honest.

Anyway, maybe a 50-ton missle is too much, but at least I was thinking the same thing as Tim Volm and Patsy.
As I also thought just after the rig sinking happened and another Poster there questioned… Could blowing the well-head up cause an under-ground fire?… I personally don’t think so, but I am not an explosives expert. And maybe they should be consulting that Firm that does all the building explosions/demolitions?

I thought: Could it cause an underground explosion and then a land slid off the “shelf” visible in the ariel views of the topography?… Therefore a manner of tsunami… pushing the oil deeper into the Coasts? The whole Gulf is at risk!!!

They say that Saddam Hussein opening/blasting and setting fire to all the oil rigs* he did “backing out” of Kuwait back in the ’90s or so, was the worst environmental disaster of maybe human-kind to date, but this is surely the worst “local” man-made disaster YET!!! *Youtube has some videos under: Kuwait Oil Fires.

Here is CNN post I made:
I just tried to get a Telephone Number for DHS to call and suggest that they should be able to cut this thing off by torpedoing the well head! — good luck — menues are a mess! I am sure within a few days, that between USGS and knowing the strata makeup of the topography down there and a finely aimed trajectory plan of a 50 ton missle or so…; maybe MIT or one of the mathy colleges might have a formula to hit away from the head, at an angle enough to destroy and collapse enough material over the “blasted” pipe under the surface to stop it just may do it. They are already supposedly drilling into the same “well” to send some blocking mix down there, so they would be “ahead of the game” to getting to the oil “again” down the line. God Bless you all and think about this… Revelation says that God is going to turn the water to blood and all things will die… Sure looks like bloody water on the news to me…
JGB 5/2/10 1:16 P ET

And the nay-sayers and their mean, unintellegent posts just make me cry! More than my whole life since Haiti Quake, which I do believe is absolutely related to Global Warming which is responsible for Climate Change and all the “disruptions”/severe weather and some of this increase in quake activity. Sorry, but we’re in very, very deep trouble — NOW!!!

BP is holding out on blasting this thing closed, as I also believe they are hoping to salvage it — when the technology “catches up”, but we don’t have that kind of time. This thing should have been blasted the day after the rig sank!

JGB 5/11/10 9:12 A ET

Comment from Tom
May 11th, 2010 at 12:19 pm

During times like these, I don’t think it’s right to say that we’re harvesting fossil fuels with “cynical greed”. There’s a mission ahead of us, to do what we can to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, but it’s all too easy to point the finger of blame at companies. In reality, we’re all responsible for this. Instead of the negativity, this should be presented in a positive light, reflecting the urgency of the situation, as a way to redouble our efforts at conservation.

Comment from Bob
May 11th, 2010 at 2:11 pm

This Gulf oil well must not be blown up. That would create a huge disastor, coating not only the gulf coast beaches but threatening shorelines around the world eventually because the hole would be too big for it to ever be capped. Then its huge oil reservoir would empty onto the surface. Surface wells that explode are currently blown up to put out the fire that burns so the well can then be capped. This well will never burn since it is underwater and lacks oxygen. It must be capped to stop the oil flow. We must work to become less dependent on oil, thus helping the environment, reducing wars, and increasing economic stability. We must stop the oil drilling in the very near future. We need an effective energy policy and climate warming policy very soon.

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