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How Economists Can Leverage MethaneSAT Data for Climate Action

This blog was co-authored by Maureen Lackner (Senior Manager of Economics and Policy Analysis, Environmental Defense Fund) and Lauren Beatty (High Meadows Postdoctoral Economics Fellow, Environmental Defense Fund).

Climate change is a pressing issue, partly fueled by methane: a greenhouse gas responsible for about 30% of today’s global warming. Reducing methane emissions will slow down the rate of near-term warming and help avert the worst climate damages. To tackle this problem, Environmental Defense Fund launched MethaneSAT, the world’s first satellite developed by an environmental non-profit. MethaneSAT aims to quantify regional emissions of methane across more than 80% of oil and gas production in the world, while disaggregating diffuse area emissions and high-emitting point sources. 

MethaneSAT will generate publicly available data allowing stakeholders to track emissions and hold polluters accountable. This data will empower various actors – governments, companies, and investors – to make informed decisions about emission reduction strategies. It will be an invaluable resource for economists and public policy researchers aiming to analyze and design effective climate policies.  Read More »

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