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Parlez-vous Nano? EDF and DuPont translate Nano Risk Framework

Scott Walsh Scott Walsh, MBA, is a Project Manager.

Nanotechnology is a global phenomenon:  Organizations all over the world are working to develop and deploy nanotechnology applications.  Interest in minimizing the potential health, environmental and safety risks of nanotechnology is similarly global.  One of many indications:  Over the past year, EDF and DuPont’s Nano Risk Framework  has been downloaded more than 3,000 times in nearly 100 countries.

Recognizing the international interest in the Framework, EDF and DuPont have now made it available in three major languages: Mandarin, French, and Spanish. (The Framework’s executive summary is also available in Portuguese.) These translations will allow organizations around the world to better understand and apply the Framework’s guidance to assess, mitigate, and communicate about potential nanomaterial risks.

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Nano Risk Management Training Workshops

Scott WalshScott Walsh, MBA, is a Project Manager.

As we’ve noted in this blog and elsewhere, there’s a ton of uncertainty out there about what potential risks may arise from the production, use and disposal of engineered nanomaterials.  And unfortunately for companies trying to work with such materials (and the rest of us who may be exposed to them), there’s still not much guidance on how to identify, manage and mitigate potential risks.

On April 2nd and April 8th, Terry Medley and Keith Swain from DuPont and I will be leading two interactive workshops on nano risk management.   Read More »

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