EDF Talks Global Climate

On to Copenhagen

EDF’s Poznan team is back in the U.S.

Before they even had a chance to recuperate from jetlag, team members have spent the last few days briefing donors, the public and other folks –not just on Poznan–but the marathon ahead en route to Copenhagen. Read More »

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The Final Hours

As the U.N. climate change conference in Poznan draws to a conclusion, the EDF team has been scrambling to get copies of the final texts of agreements and analyzing results. Read More »

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Crunch time in Poznan

The nights are getting longer in Poznan, with the deadline approaching for presenting texts on major issues to the world ministers on Thursday.

And EDF staffers are scrambling to obtain copies, scrutinize them and offer commentary.

This morning┬áthe chase was on for the details from last night’s closed-door meeting on how to reduce greenhouses gas emissions for deforestation and degradation–REDD. Read More »

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Hot ticket: Insight on next moves for the U.S. Congress

Question: Where do Hill staffers get treated more like celebrities than say, Bianca Jagger?

Answer: Poland in winter at the first U.N. climate change convention since the seismic political elections in the U.S.

Hundreds of climate change delegates, environmental and business types and journalists jammed a large meeting hall at a Congressional event co-sponsored by Environmental Defense Fund in the historic town of Poznan tonight. Read More »

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Just arrived in Poznan? Let me show you around…

Take a walk with me through the streets and corridors of the United Nations Climate Change Conference here in chilly Poznan, Poland.

We at Environmental Defense Fund are encamped in a small cubicle in one of the main halls, sandwiched between the tiny office of Belgium and the massive, windowless bunker labeled DELEGATION OF THE UNITED STATES. “Authorized personnel only” warn the signs on most doors. You can also spot the home base of the USA by all the serious guys in somber suits standing around with plastic earphones. Read More »

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Obama’s presence felt in Poznan

As the United Nations climate change conference gets under way in Poznan, Poland, there is a heavy Obama presence in the air. In hallways and negotiating rooms, I hear a multitude of languages and only recognize the words “Obama” and “Hillary.”

The world has high expectations, and we are busy trying to manage them. Read More »

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