Tropical forest alliance agrees on key principles for U.S. policy

A broad alliance of business, science and non-profit groups has reached a landmark agreement on principles for tropical forest protection in U.S. climate policies – thanks in part to the pioneering work of EDF.

The alliance – the Tropical Forests and Climate Coalition – just launched its first web site, where visitors can read the principles, known as the Tropical Forest Climate Unity Agreement.

Tropical forest destruction causes nearly a fifth of all global warming pollution, and yet it does little to raise living standards for so many of the people who live in these regions. That makes curbing deforestation one of the best, fastest and most cost-effective ways to start lowering global warming pollution worldwide.

It’s a win-win situation if U.S. climate policies help tropical forest nations reduce deforestation and let U.S. companies use high-quality forest offset credits to cut carbon pollution. Everyone wins by finding that sweet spot where global emissions decline rapidly and affordably – and that’s what the TFCC alliance is all about.

EDF helped get the ball rolling three years ago when it became a founding member of a business-NGO coalition called the Forest Carbon Dialogue. The FCD was a key player in forging the new TFCC alliance. Check out the TFCC site to keep up with the latest on tropical forest protection policies and news.

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