July 20th, 2010 – The voices of a new clean energy future

In its editorial, “Energy savings and the climate and energy bill,” The Keene Sentinel starts with discussion of local efforts to cut energy use in government buildings but stresses that these alone aren’t enough, pivoting onto a discussion of the climate bill. The piece is particularly interesting in that in targets Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), whose support could be vital to the bill’s success:

[Gregg is] done with campaigning now — this is his last summer in the Senate — and he should feel comfortable in his coloration, and join the majority in support of the bill. In recent years, advances have been made in the energy and climate arenas; he can help assure more such advances by backing the bill.

The Voices of a New Clean Energy Future is a series from individuals who understand the importance of passing comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation – business leaders, politicians, policy experts, and concerned citizens like you. EDF is proud to highlight their voices and contributions to the climate and energy debate.

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