Senators’ reactions to the American Power Act

On E2, Ohio Senator Sherrod Browd commented the American Power Act.

“We need an energy policy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and addresses the serious threat of climate change,” he said. “I applaud Senators Kerry and Lieberman for advancing this issue. Done right, a clean energy bill will also be a jobs bill.”

Gernot Wagner, EDF expert economist, had this to add:

The American Power Act is most definitely also a jobs bill. We are not out of the woods yet and must do everything we can to stimulate demand for investment. That’s where the cap comes in, and clear rules for where to invest. While the economy collapsed, businesses – especially in the energy and manufacturing sectors –held back investments in part because they are waiting for exactly these kinds of clear rules on climate policy. Now is the time to set those rules.

Mother Jones shows how key Senators are engaging in the process to help advance the climate bill. Jeff Bingaman from New Mexico said:

“I appreciate the time and effort that Senators Kerry and Lieberman have put into crafting this discussion draft and will offer them and Majority Leader Reid my constructive comments and suggestions as I review it.”

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