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Gwen Ruta talks “corporate green revolution” on Bloomberg Radio

Our director of corporate partnerships, Gwen Ruta, talks with Bloomberg Radio about how large companies like Delta Airlines and ConocoPhillips are taking serious steps to address environmental issues.

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Gwen Ruta talks green business on CNN

CNN’s Ali Velshi and his guests – including Gwen Ruta, our director of corporate partnerships – examine how consumers and businesses are going green or doing their part to clean up the environment.

Here are the details on the one-hour program, “Going Green, Going Broke?”:

0 – 12 minutes: consumers, green building/LEED

12 – 17 minutes: Wal-Mart (Andy Ruben)

17 – 21 minutes: bottled water

21 – 22:20 minutes: what people in Atlanta think about going green

22 – 35 minutes: Gwen Ruta and Marc Gunther, Senior Writer Fortune Magazine on what businesses are doing

35 – 45: Living off the grid

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Andy Darrell Talks Pollution, Health and Cars on ABCNEWS Radio

Pollution emitted from cars, trucks and buses is linked to asthma, lung and heart disease, and cancer.Our new report, All Choked Up: Heavy Traffic, Dirty Air and the Risk to New Yorkers [PDF], describes the recent science showing that these risks increase as you get closer to congested roadways.

Andy Darrell, director of Environmental Defense’s Living Cities program, discussed the report on ABCNEWS radio yesterday.

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