Does the future of the Amazon rain forest lie in California?

Cutting and burning trees—particularly tropical rain forests—adds more global warming pollution to the atmosphere than all the world’s cars and trucks combined. Our goal is to slash carbon emissions by making sure that trees are worth more alive than dead.

For 10 years, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has supported the Kayapo Indians’ efforts to protect their Amazon rain forest home—the subject of this month’s National Geographic cover story. Join us to hear how EDF and partners are working to shape climate policies in California and around the world that will reward tropical forest countries for reducing deforestation.

Nat Keohane, EDF Vice President, International Climate

Steve Schwartzman, EDF Director, Tropical Forest Policy
Derek Walker, EDF Associate Vice President, U.S. Climate and Energy

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    Does the future of the Amazon rain forest lie in California?

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