Fish Forever: Restoring global oceans to abundance

Diane Regas, senior vice president, programs, EDF
Amanda Leland, vice president, oceans, EDF
Brett Jenks, president & CEO, Rare
Steve Gaines, dean, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, UCSB
Caesar Munoz, partner from a Belizean fishing community

Billions of people depend on seafood for sustenance, and half the world’s fish are caught in small fisheries in the developing world. Most of these are overfished, and some are in peril of collapse. Very real tragedy looms if we do not act now to restore them to health and abundance.

The good news is: we can do it.

Please join us for a progress update on Fish Forever, a global initiative led through a partnership between Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Rare and the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). We will highlight our initial successes with local partners in Belize and discuss strategies to achieve our long-term goal of empowering thousands of the world’s poorest coastal communities to sustainably manage their own fisheries, improve livelihoods and build coastal resilience to climate change.

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    Fish Forever: Restoring global oceans to abundance

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