Can the world fish forever?

Diane Regas, Senior Vice President, Programs, EDF
Amanda Leland, Vice President, Oceans, EDF
Martha Piper, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Growth, Rare

One billion people depend on fish as their primary source of protein, and half the world’s fish
is caught in small fisheries, primarily in the developing world. Overfishing is hurtling these areas
toward catastrophe: Almost all of the world’s fish stocks are fully exploited or over-exploited.
If these fisheries crash, the human toll and ecosystem repercussions will be enormous.

Please join Amanda Leland of EDF and Martha Piper of Rare to learn about our new
“Fish Forever” campaign aimed at restoring our oceans to abundance through innovative
approaches in partnership with communities in Asia and South America. The effort supports
our bold new goal with the World Bank to achieve sustainable management of half the world’s
fisheries in the next ten years.

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