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October 2009

In Bangkok talks, countries grapple with transition to new climate regime

The latest round of UN climate negotiations in Bangkok ended today with Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres touting the talks' "positive momentum" and "concrete progress," and the NGO coalition Climate Action Network sounding notably less enthusiastic.

Above: Delegates met in Bangkok for a week of climate negotiations to prepare for the major conference later this year in Doha. (Photo credit: flickr user UNclimatechange)

Environmental Defense Fund Attorney Alex Hanafi said in EDF's closing statement:

In Bangkok, it became clearer still that the prospect of a new climate deal that calls for all countries to do their part to lower emissions is still in its very early stages, and countries are grappling with how to transition from the old regime to a still as-yet-undefined new one.

Outside the slogging UN negotiations, however, momentum for action on climate change continues growing at national, regional and state levels. For instance, Alex said:

Australia and Europe’s agreeing to link their carbon markets last month is the latest example of the kind of international cooperation needed to stitch together climate action into a whole that will be greater than the sum of its parts.

The next — and the year's biggest — round of international negotiations begins in November in Doha, Qatar.

In Doha, Alex said, countries' success will be measured by their ability to do two things:

  1. expeditiously resolve their differences on the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol, and
  2. then focus on making substantive progress toward achieving a strong, enforceable and flexible climate agreement by 2015.

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Bangkok talks make progress but long way to go

Climate talks in Bangkok wound down Friday, but with just three weeks until the upcoming Barcelona session, negotiators were clearly positioning for the next round.
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Bangkok climate talks… in pictures

Climate negotiators receive a warm welcome upon arriving at the UN conference center in Bangkok…
BKK09 WEB Welcome
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IEA data: cleaning up the atmosphere and the economy

An excerpt of the 2009 IEA energy report released in Bangkok shows global energy emissions are down 3 percent this year due to the global economic crisis.

Ironically that could give us just enough breathing room to keep atmospheric CO2 concentration below 450 parts per million as we ramp up investment in renewable sources.
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California to UN: Brazilian, US, Indonesian states want REDD

We're hearing from dozens of delegates working around the clock on tropical forests and climate change here in Bangkok – they say progress is being made on key issues like REDD principles, objectives for REDD, and that the consolidation of text is indeed taking place.
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Thanks from Bangkok (khob khun krub), Boxer, Kerry

Whatever else you can say about the draft bill that Senators Boxer and Kerry introduced in the Senate yesterday, it was welcome news to country negotiators and NGOs at the climate talks in Bangkok. Read More »

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Bangkok is on 'full negotiation mode'-the fireworks begin on Day one

Yesterday the Thai Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, formally launched the 2 week Bangkok climate negotiations. The morning speakers included Yvo De Boer, head of the UNFCCC, and Connie Hedegaard from Denmark, who will chair the Copenhagen meeting in December. The speakers agreed that time was running out to get a global deal in place by December and this meeting was now 100% on 'full negotiation mode'. Read More »

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Climate Week Gives Momentum to the Bangkok Negotiations-Hard Work Starts Now

Climate Week is wrapping up but the political signal that was sent is clear: the world’s political leaders are serious about getting a deal in Copenhagen. Read More »

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