Will YOU be a carbon sink in 2050?

There is a lively youth contingent at the Bonn talks this year, and no matter who you talk to or which meetings you attend, you cannot escape their dreaded 2009 slogan. How old will you be in 2050?

Even the head of the UN climate talks got caught out Thursday. At a briefing for civil society groups, a 20-something young woman grabbed the mic and asked Yvo de Boer point blank how old he would be.

Yvo and youth group
Youth group crashes Yvo’s climate briefing

You have to give it up for this group, it’s a good strategy. More than any ticking clock sound or picture of polar bears, this question focuses the mind like a laser beam. No matter how important you are or which political party you belong to, you’ll either be around long enough to see some of global warming’s scarier effects, or you won’t be.

Luckily, Yvo appears to have had some practice fielding on the spot questions . He said he didn’t even have to think about the math, he’d be a carbon sink in 2050. I guess that’s the right answer if you have his job.

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