Negotiations get underway

Since US climate envoy Todd Stern left town, walking into the Hotel Maritim is liking walking into an entirely different hotel. Instead of hundreds of bodies crammed into one grand amphitheater, people are milling about everywhere, going back and forth between meeting rooms and lobbies and occupying every available table and chair.

Groups of three and four crowd around laptops, occasionally leaning their heads together to discuss whatever is on-screen. Others gather at the coffee shop in the hallway to swap information, not even taking time to sit down.

Everywhere you go you hear a sort of low hum, especially in the lobbies and hallways. It’s the sound of hundreds of quiet conversations all happening at once, as lawyers, environmentalists and delegates exchange ideas and intelligence about the policies and concerns of 175 different countries. There’s a lot of talking going on.

Bonn Day 2 talking
Climate talkers mingle over coffee in Bonn

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