Poznan talks open: What to expect

This meeting is the last major stop on the way to a global deal in Copenhagen next year. The bulk of the first two days have focused on procedural matters like adopting the agenda for the next two weeks, and on countries making opening statements on a variety of issues and on their expectations for Poland and beyond.

Yesterday, issues like adaptation and deforestation were finally addressed. Given the variety of opinions from countries, these questions have been referred to smaller groups, called contact groups, where the bulk of the negotiations take place. Most of these meetings are open to non-governmental organizations like EDF, and it allows an opportunity to listen to what countries are saying, and hear their concerns and their positions.
Photo of Kristen height in bright sun outside the conference center.

EDF policy Analyst Kristen Hite braves the Polish winter outside the convention site in Poznan. Inside, it’s much warmer.

But it also allows us valuable personal time to persuade them to “find the ways that work,” as we like to say. Over the next few days, our team will be busy talking to negotiators, and giving them information and attempting to address their concerns. This is all part of the decision-making process here in Poznan, adding to what we started in Bali and hope to finish by Copenahgen next December.

No major decisions are expected from this meeting, but negotiators have to create a detailed work plan for 2009. They have to identify all the issues that need to continue to be explored over the next year and create a timeline to make sure everything is in place for Copenhagen. Adaptation, technology transfer, financial resources all must be looked at, and together with mitigation from developed and developing countries, all the decisions that get made will be the building blocks for Copenhagen in 2009.

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