Whoever coined the old saying, “what you don’t know won’t kill you,” never talked to a climate scientist.  Humans have reached a point where we must change our habits or we’ll live in a very different world in the next century.  In fact, this is so serious that a change of two degrees Celsius might mean a third of the planet’s species going extinct.

So we sat down with three of our climate scientists to get their thoughts on the way forward. Steve Hamburg, an ecosystem ecologist specializing in the impacts of disturbance on forest structure and function, has focused his research on linking climate change impacts to climate change mitigation.  Lisa Moore, formerly a field biologist, now works as a climate and air scientist, analyzing the climate consequences of national and international climate legislation. James Wang specializes in climate change physics and their impacts on society and ecosystems, and he educates policymakers and the public on global warming. Read the discussion.

Think we missed something? Post your questions here, and Steve, Lisa and James will post their answers.